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Hello! We're Being.

For over 25 years, it has been our mission to empower every human being to live their extraordinary life. Our approach is a little different from other preschools, childcares and kindergartens. We don't just educate and care for your child - we nurture the responsible, conscious and powerful leaders of today and tomorrow. All with love and care. In doing so, we have won multiple awards and have been repeatedly rated as Exceeding the National Quality Standards in childcare, preschool, kindergarten and early education services. 

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Being | Award Winning Preschool & Long Day Care

Our approach is centred on individual empowerment and holistic development of your child. To guide this development, we work with you to set goals across all development domains - social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language. You are updated on your child's progress daily, and we schedule a family-educator meeting to look deeply at your child's progress and set new development goals every six months.

  • Personalised

  • Holistic

  • School (and life)

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Extraordinary educators

The people who surround your child reflect who your child will become. We're proud of our trusted team of expert, passionate and nurturing professionals with a deep understanding of child psychology and development who are committed to your child's present and future.

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Being is Earth-friendly

We're committed to leaving our children with a world worth living in; one where they can enjoy the natural wonders we have been lucky to experience our whole life. It's why we've gone 100% carbon neutral, with a goal to offset all carbon produced by our educators and parents’ transportation by 2030. 

  • Carbon Neutral

    We offset all carbon produced at our childcare services including waste we produce (we have a lot of used nappies!).

  • Sustainability

    Products we use at Being minimise environmental impact. Instead of throwing away the old, we give them new life.

  • Curriculum

    We teach children about waste, farming, composting and more. Each child is empowered to be a custodian for their world.


A home away from home

That’s the first thing I remember being told about the school. Then I took my son, who was not adjusting in any childcare or family daycare and what an amazing change I have seen in less than 4 months. I highly recommend this school to anybody who is looking for quality care with great learning opportunities and forming a solid foundation to the next level of education for their child. - Gautam

Rich in fun learning experiences

They have a fun, interactive and child-led approach to learning. My son is always coming home with stories of the vegetables he has pulled up from the garden, the amazing creatures that have been discovered, the songs and books enjoyed every day and the fun games he has played with his friends. I am thrilled that every day my son heads off to preschool with wonder and excitement. - Leigha