Enrolling your child in a centre is a big decision so we understand that you may have a lot of questions. Here is a list of answers to some common questions which parents often ask. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else you’re curious about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Centre Procedures

Enrolment Conditions

Child Care Subsidy

CCS is paid for up to 42 days of absences for each child per financial year without the need to provide documentation such as medical certificates.

All absences beyond the first 42 will only be paid for ‘additional absences’ if parents and guardians provide evidence that the absence has occurred under a permitted circumstance. Permitted additional absences include:
- an illness (with a medical certificate)
- an outbreak of infectious disease when the child is not immunised
- any other absences due to sickness of the child, a parent or sibling, supported by medical certificates
- a temporary closure of a school or pupil free day
- a period of local emergency
- exceptional circumstances

Additional absences do not include public holidays and please note that CCS will NOT be paid for public holidays if 42 absences have already been used.

Parents/guardians will continue to deal with Centrelink for all their CCS payments. Parents/guardians are still required to advise the FAO about any changes to their circumstances such as changes to income or a child commencing school.

Yes. Parents/guardians will still need to tell their childcare services the number of children in the family using the same type of care each week at all services used.

If your child attends different services, you may nominate how many of your CCS eligible hours are claimed at each service. Our services will provide you with a form to do this.

More information on the CCS is available on the Centrelink website Child CareSubsidy.