Our Curriculum

There are endless possibilities available for your child's growth and development with extraordinary childcare educators by their side.

The Empowered Child

Your child is infinitely capable. That's where we start.

We believe in the shaping force of childhood.

An empowered adult emerges from an empowered child. We believe in raising a child with confidence. We believe in raising a decision maker, a person with knowledge and resources to be influential in their environment and throughout their lives. We believe an empowered child will grow and create an extraordinary future.

Discover The Empowered Child

Our Curriculum

Holistic development. With fun, joy and aliveness.

Our educational program is centred on the individual empowerment and holistic development of your child with fun, joy and aliveness. 

Holistic Education

We work to develop your child holistically focusing on the five key development domains - social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language. 

Individual Child Plan

Together we create an individual development plan for your child based on where they’re in life instead of their age and stage.

Evolving Curriculum

We tailor our childcare curriculum regularly to reflect each child's emerging development needs.

Regular Family-Educator Meetings

Every six months, we organise a meeting with your child's key educators to review your child’s development and set new goals.

School Readiness Program

Being prepared for their next big stage is essential. Two years before starting school, we practice wearing our uniforms, bringing lunch boxes to school and the routines of your child's school.

Research based

Our goals, curriculum planning, observations, and developmental assessments are backed by recognised theorists and research in early education.

Curriculum principles

Guided by our philosophy, pedagogy and the latest research.

  • Holistic Education

  • Social-emotional

    Your child is supported to be an autonomous, kind, caring and compassionate decision maker and develop empathy through a focus on prosocial behaviour and skills. We strive to support your child to problem solve in the social world with resilience, power and responsibility. 

  • Cognitive

    Problem solving, puzzling, writing and language, construction, and many more domains are part of your child's daily development.

  • Pre-writing

    We support your child to develop the fine muscle strength and control they will need to write. This extends not only to writing but to skills such as cutting, threading, pulling up a zipper, unlocking a lunchbox and more.

  • Pre-reading

    We support literacy and development of understanding of literary concepts with a literacy rich environment through approaches such as PreLit, Jolly Phonics and more.

  • Fundamental Movement

    We support your child to develop strong muscles and left and right brain coordination through activities and play that promote physical development and complex movement patterns. 

  • Emerging Content


    To prepare your child for the world, our childcare curriculum includes inquiry into science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

  • Music, Arts and Drama

    Through play, our educators extend your child's interest in music, arts and drama.

  • Second and third languages

    Alongside multi-lingual educators, many of our services engage in second and third language programs.

  • Community Connection

    Through strong relationships with our local schools, we ensure that your child's transition to school is filled with joy and wonder.

  • Empowered Context

  • Freedom & Responsibility

    Your child will learn to be responsible for their world, and be given the freedom to express themselves in this context.

  • Inquiry-based learning

    Through inquiry, your child will be challenged to extend their thinking to incredible depths.

  • Mental Wellbeing

    Our development milestones incorporate mental health markers and strategies.

  • Being

    We show your child that they have a choice in who they are being, giving them an empowered context to shift their relationship to the world.