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Hope Valley Childcare, Daycare & Early Learning Centre

A home away from home.

We’re proud to be part of Hope Valley childcare, home to one of Australia's most harmonious and culturally diverse communities. By working with local schools, we provide the highest quality preschool program to the children in our care.

In a beautiful, safe, home-like environment, we empower children to learn and grow as individuals. We support them with a team of experienced, caring, qualified teachers and educators.

Protecting our planet and being environmentally conscious are big parts of our daily program. Everyone is empowered to participate in sustainability practices to help reduce waste, and one of our most popular activities is gardening.

Meet the Educators at Hope Valley daycare

Ajantha Randeniya

Centre Leader
Ajantha has made significant contributions to the sector of Early Education for over 25 years as a home-based educator, centre owner/provider, centre leader, educational leader, a teacher, and a casual lecturer. She also works as a consultant in uplifting the quality of the educational services.  She joined the sector in 1993 and pioneered the formation of Future stars Early Learning (now Being Early Education), a company which has served many communities in in NSW for 25 years.  

Her commitment and passion for early education have led her to Hope Valley in South Australia. She looks forward to working with the Hope Valley childcare centre community to enhance and lead Early Education's quality to create a Powerful Future for Every Child.

    Sadia Kashif

    Lead Educator
    Sadia is a diploma-qualified early childhood educator who is committed to early education. She demonstrates great skills in interactions and empowering young children. She values and believes in high-quality early education and loves accepting the challenges of delivering it. She is dedicated to fully contributing to fulfilling organisational goals while enhancing her skills and proficiency. She chooses Being Early Learning for her two-year-old daughter as her values and beliefs align with that of Being. She is committed to the mission of Being Hope Valley preschool, creating a powerful future for every child.

      Anupriya Sehgal

      Lead Teacher
      Anupriya is a qualified teacher in Australia, holding the degrees of Bachelor of Education and Master of Education. She has worked as a teacher for more than seven years. She is passionate about educating young children and determined to enhance her knowledge further in early childhood education. She creates and delivers holistic and child-centred programs that are fun and educational. Anupriya is a lead teacher at Being Hope Valley childcare, contributing to creating a Powerful Future for Every Child.

        What to expect from our childcare centre in Hope Valley


        Our childcare centre provides all the essentials for your child’s day-to-day life, including nappies, cot linen and sunscreen to ensure a comfortable stay at our centre. We provide high-quality, hypoallergenic nappies to ensure each child is comfortable throughout the day. Our dedicated staff members change nappies regularly and monitor for any signs of skin irritation or discomfort. 

        We maintain a strict hygiene protocol, thoroughly sanitising all nappy-changing areas after each use. We take a collaborative approach, informing parents about their child’s routine and promptly communicating concerns about their children’s skin health.

        Warm, nutritious meals prepared onsite

        Nutrition is a cornerstone of a child's development and at Being Hope Valley childcare, we take this responsibility seriously. We offer warm, nutritious meals prepared on-site by our on-site cook. We develop our menu in consultation with nutritionists to ensure your children get a balanced, nutritious and delicious meal every time. 

        We carefully craft our menus to ensure they meet the dietary needs of growing children, incorporating a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. We cater to specific dietary requirements and allergies to ensure every child enjoys safe and delicious meals. Our meal times are not just about eating — they are opportunities for social development and learning about healthy eating habits.

        Regular updates on play-based program

        At Being Hope Valley childcare centre, we always maintain open lines of communication with parents. We provide regular updates on educational activities and children’s development milestones of children through our Story Park parent portal and informal chats during pick-up and drop-off times. 

        Our play-based approach fosters creativity, problem-solving skills and social interaction in a fun and engaging environment. Updates include information on the activities planned for the week, special events and insights into how these activities contribute to the children's developmental milestones.

        Extraordinary Pre-kindy and Kindy programs

        We deliver programs based on an approved learning framework (EYLF). Our development planning cycle follows observations, individual goal setting with families, program design, implementation, evaluation and critical reflection.

        We tailor these Pre-kindy and Kindy programs to the needs of each child to prepare them for the next steps in their educational journey. They focus on building foundational literacy, numeracy and emotional intelligence skills through structured learning and free play. Our experienced educators use innovative and engaging teaching methods to stimulate curiosity and a love for learning. We ensure that each child receives individual attention to cater to their unique learning style and pace.

        Inclusion Support Programs

        At Being Hope Valley childcare centre, we believe in the inclusive education of all children, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds. By working alongside Gowrie, we provide an inclusive environment that meets the needs of children with various additional needs. Our Inclusion Support Programs provide additional support to children with diverse needs, ensuring they fully participate in all activities. 

        We collaborate with families to develop personalised plans addressing each child's needs. Our staff undergoes regular training to implement these plans effectively and to create an environment of acceptance and understanding. We aim to foster a community where every child feels valued and supported.

        Book a tour at Hope Valley childcare today

        Explore our centre, meet our educators, and learn more about what differentiates us from other childcare, preschool, daycare and early learning centres. Choose a day on our calendar and see how the Hope Valley childcare centre spaces can keep your child engaged.

        We look forward to meeting you! If you have any questions, please contact our team, who will be happy to assist. 



        I could not ask for a better centre

        I am extremely confident sending my children to Being Ermington. Knowing that each day they are greeted with a smiley face at the door, served a healthy breakfast and then the fun activities start! The educators set goals every 2 months with parents and we all work towards the same goal for our children, it's very effective in making sure their development milestones are achieved. My children love spending their days here. - Kellie

        Warm, passionate and personable educators

        Within weeks we began to notice the difference in the quality of education and care our daughter received at Being. Her social and emotional skills improved significantly. She has also developed  skills in pre-reading and pre-writing through planned activities throughout the day. The educators are great intentional teachers. - Muktar

        Map and address


        Free onsite parking at the centre. Please follow the signs.