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All Being Early Education Services are Finalists in the Excellence in Early Childhood Education Awards.

Himal Randeniya

I am delighted to announce that 4 of our 5 services are finalists in the Service of the Year in the Excellence in Early Childhood Education Awards (think Oscars, but for Early Education). In addition, our Ermington, River Road service has been announced as a finalist in the Environmental Program Excellence category. 

Of the ~8,000 early education, childcare, preschool, and family day care services in NSW, this recognition puts four of our five services in the top 40 - a remarkable achievement and a first of its kind. 

The EECE Awards is one of the biggest of its kind within the sector and aims to recognise the importance of children’s communication, self-esteem, sportsmanship, creativity, view of our country and saving their world with environmental initiatives, and the role that educators play in developing these skills. 

At Being, we are proud to be recognised for our approach to education across all our services. We are obsessed with creating a powerful future for every child as a moment by moment phenomenon. In continuing this stand for children and their future, we continue to empower children and their families to create lives that they love and live them powerfully. We passionately support every child to be viewed as powerful and unlimited, and the knowledge that our work doesn’t just start and end with us educating and caring for children inside of the National Quality Framework.

At Being, our people are at the centre of how we create on our Mission. Our Extraordinary teams of passionate and empowered educators make the possibility that every child is set up powerfully for the rest of their life a reality. While we don’t do what we do for extrinsic rewards, we want to spend a moment to acknowledge the extraordinary educators at Being that have us in this place today. 

With love,