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Being School Readiness Program

Melanie Randeniya

Being offers industry leading education programs for pre-school children. Regarded as the best in Sydney, our school readiness program has been developed with thorough research and expert knowledge in the areas of Early Education, and Developmental and Behavioural Psychology.

Not only do our programs meet the Early Childhood Framework set by the governing body – they push well beyond it.

Our programs are designed to promote inquisitive minds, teach practical and relevant lessons on exponential sciences and technologies, create an everyday love of numbers, and provide the space, tools and structure to bring each child’s imagination to life.

We base our teaching programs around child-led interests as we believe that children learn their best when they are engaged. We recognise that learning is integrated and interconnected however experiences broadly fall into the following five categories:


Preschoolers need time and exposure to science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to develop a strong foundation for future learning. STEAM encourages curiosity, creativity, investigation, answering questions and problem solving. Our unique environments, such as the ‘Maker Space’ and ’Light Table’ where children can create, build and undertake small experiments, stimulate a child’s interest in STEAM. We have also created a range of natural environments where children can develop an appreciation for biology, chemistry, mathematics and the natural world. We utilise technology such as iPads and the Smart Board to enable children to explore their interest in basic programming and sketch coding.


Through our partnership with Macquarie University, we have introduced a structured PreLIT early literacy program for children in their final year before school. It is designed to complement a play-based learning environment and provides children with a sound foundation for learning to read. Through the use of storytelling we help children develop an understanding of sentence structure and the sound of words.


Music is food for the soul. Our qualified music teachers provide a wide range of musical experiences for our children. This includes teaching children a variety of musical genres, musical instruments, rhymes, stories, songs, movements, theories, musical terms and so much more.

Creative Arts

Being Pymble has multiple dedicated areas for dramatic play including the 'Community Village'. This space is a hive of activity, designed as a shared space to replicate a living, breathing community village encompassing a fire station, bakery and café.  Our 'Amphitheatre' is a great area for group performance and dramatic play.  In addition to our dramatic play areas we also have creative zones, where we can explore colour, design, texture and structure.


Good nutrition complements the growing body and minds of our young humans. Appreciating organic, sustainable practices in the cultivation of food also helps gain an appreciation of where food comes from. Our menus have been developed in conjunction with 'Munch and Move' and we have created natural environments where we grow our own green vegetables. With the aid of our onsite chef, children participate in the process of cultivating, preparing and cooking the meals that they eat and understanding their own nutritional requirements.

Accelerated school readiness

We offer all our Pre-school children and parents an exceptional opportunity to engage in our Accelerated School Readiness Program. This program runs from the end of the standard term 4 the year prior to starting school, right through the holidays (except the public holidays) and up until the week before our graduates are due to start their new adventures at their chosen primary schools.

Our Accelerated School Readiness program is designed to equip the children (and parents) with practical skills they will need when commencing school. We utilise school readers and sight words, we learn to ration our food within our lunch box, take responsibility for our belongings and pack our bags among other things. We have specific workshops and information evenings for parents, to help them get a head start on what to expect from their first year at 'big school'.

Our Accelerated School Readiness program concludes with our Being graduation ceremony and warm wishes for our courageous and fully prepared graduates.

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