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Developing a LOVE of learning


At Being Pymble, we believe in developing a love of learning from an early age.

We believe in building a child’s confidence, enabling them to be a decision maker with the knowledge and resources to be influential in the world around them - now and into the future.

A child’s personality will emerge as a result of their environment at home, here at Future Stars, and everywhere in between. At Future Stars we provide experiences that encourage learning and laughter – and in doing so help children develop lasting happiness, confidence and positivity.

Being offer industry leading education programs at every stage of the learning journey. Each program has been developed with thorough research and expert knowledge in the area of Early Education and Psychology. Not only do our programs meet the Early Childhood Framework set by the governing body – they push well beyond it.

Our programs are designed to promote inquisitive minds, teach practical and relevant lessons on exponential sciences and technologies, create an everyday love of numbers, and provide the space, tools and structure to bring each child’s imagination to life.

Programs that enriching each developmental milestone

Nursery: 6 weeks – 2 years

We maintain a small group of only 8 children in this group, allowing maximum quality educator to child time. Our littlest stars have daily activities structured around individual interests that include developing gross motor skills, movement, colour recognition, textures and touch with a huge emphasis on a warm, comforting environment, filled with love and care. Our favourite lessons during the week belong to our music program which incorporates music and movement, stretches and visual story telling.

Toddler: 2 - 4 years

Our Cocoons are at an age of change; they start to realise they have choices. It is an age of great brain development and often a time of challenges, like toilet training and separation anxiety. At Being we employ a higher staff to child ratio than required, to ensure children can develop a strong, reliable relationship with their educator. A large focus in the program at this age is dynamic interest led learning, and guiding children to discover a love of learning new things.

Every activity is tailored around having fun, maintaining interest and sparking curiosity. We read 2 -3 books a day to develop an interest in literacy and language, and provide organic experiences that develop fine motor and gross motor skills. Our qualified music teacher works with our cocoons in small groups to create cognitive concepts with music, introducing seasons and colours into music and songs.

Preschool: 4 – 6 years

Our Butterflies are offered an abundance of opportunity and learning environments with our industry leading education programs that include STEAM, PRELIT and Music, as well as an accelerated pre-school readiness program. Our extraordinary pre-school program will provide the best possible start for your child.

This blog's topics

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