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Inspiring spaces to delight young minds

Himal Randeniya

Environments that are designed to spark young imaginations

Every corner and space in our new purpose-built Being Pymble has been thoughtfully designed to inspire, captivate and spark the curiosity and imagination of children.

Designed with the natural world in mind, the centre features a clean, warm Scandinavian design which allows large amounts of natural light to flood indoors. A range of unique layered environments blend the indoor and outdoor spaces providing the perfect setting for our STEAM-focused teaching.

Flexible Learning Spaces

At Being, we understand that each child is an individual, with different interests and talents. We also know that what works for one child won’t work for another. We strongly believe in tailoring learning to the individual child and that extends to the spaces in which they learn. Rather than sitting at structured table settings, children are provided with options. They can sit at an individual table, on the floor, on cushions or in collaborative groups – wherever they feel most comfortable.

Our interactive whiteboard, also known as a “Smart Board” provides a multitude of learning opportunities for our children by allowing them to interact with the large touch screen which runs much the same as a touchscreen computer. We can play interactive maths games, STEAM-focused applications and projects, display images and videos from children’s weekend adventures for news presentations and even run our guided meditation through the Smart Board.

The Maker Zone

The Maker Space is a place where creativity and the imagination run free. Children engineer their own designs, mix safe chemicals to observe reactions, conduct self-lead experiments and investigation. The only thing limiting the children in this space is their own imagination.

The Harmony Hub

This is a special space designed to encourage harmony. The space includes little individual houses, perfect for children to retreat to when they need to wind down and be by themselves in a truly quiet environment. A place to centre themselves and take some time out. With toadstools and grass this space truly feels like we have brought the outdoors inside!

The Observatory

This space has been designed to allow the children to observe nature. An area that is closed off by beautiful planters with a huge window to the outdoors. The children can enjoy watching and immersing themselves in nature no matter the weather conditions. Magnifying glasses and other materials to nurture scientific enquiry and investigation will be on hand for our inquisitive minds. Who knows which animals and insects will be discovered? We’re thinking lizards, frogs or maybe even birds!

Not so ordinary Home Corner

This is no ordinary home corner, this is our extraordinary Being Home Corner. Featuring a two-story completely fall zone safe structure, where children can escape and immerse themselves in truly imaginative play experiences. This space was inspired by the Norwegian playground design concepts - but we have brought ours indoors!

We even have our very own big indoor tree – under the tree you can relax, rest or simply sit and read a book!

Step outside where the adventure continues…

Pymble will be 100% off the grid for power and water and our children will learn about sustainability. All building products have been responsibly sourced, and materials from the site such as tree stumps have been recycled into the environment. Even our cubbies have been built from recycled apple crates.

Vertical Gardens and Farmers Market

We’ve built two large vertical farms on site, where children will grow their own leafy greens and vegetables. Our on-site chef will teach the children about where their food comes from. The children will have opportunities to farm their produce and head off to our very own Future Stars Farmers Market to sell their produce and socialise in the community village!

Our vertical gardens will be fed by the fresh running river bed, that will provide children with opportunities to connect with nature and open the door to further STEAM related lessons. Water can provide a sensory and learning experience of immense benefit, and is the foundation for understanding a multitude of scientific concepts including flow, motion, cohesion, and mathematical measurement including volume.


This area has been designed to encourage group activities and outdoor lessons when weather permits. There is plenty to discover and learn in the great outdoors and our amphitheatre provides a space for us to come together and engage in dramatic play.  

Zen Garden

Our Zen garden is a tranquil place filled with magical wonder and surrounded by soft leafy foliage. This space encourages calm and peacefulness.  The children will delight in Yoga and meditation lessons along with story time and music in this space. It’s also a favourite place for children during free play.

Community Village

This space is a hive of activity, designed as a shared space to replicate a living, breathing community village. Encompassing a fire station, bakery and café – this bright space will encourage dramatic play and emphasise the importance of community.

Extra-Ordinary Adventure zone

An innovative play structure designed to fit within the natural environment surrounding it. The structure contains multilevel challenges to develop gross motor skills, coordination and agility. Our Adventure zone promotes exploration and discovery and encourages the development of physical and social skills.

The adventure zone is a firm favourite with the kids!


We've also put a lot of thought into the special space required for our youngest children and have designed their very own house surrounded by a picket fence and a cute little indoor garden. This space includes indoor equipment that will provide gross motor challenges and tactile sensory learnings. The environment has been broken up in a way that makes our little children feel like they are entering different spaces as they move around the room.

Being Pymble is an Extraordinary purpose-built early learning centre.

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